Masterclasses and Presentations

I have done many presentations and masterclasses on a variety of subjects. I am available to share my discoveries with you and your students.

These include:

  • A Tabuteau Refresher: A review of the life of Marcel Tabuteau with emphasis on phrasing, with audience participation.
  • Outside the Bachs: Oboists who have made their marks outside of the classical world.
  • Circular Breathing Demystified: A primer on circular breathing, with audience participation.
  • Get Off The Page: Allowing yourself to play without written music with audience participation.
  • From Amadeus to Zappa: The Curious Life of Nicolas Slonimsky. A historical overview of his contributions to 20th-century music.

A Tabuteau Refresher

A chronological look at the life of Marcel Tabuteau with emphasis on his teaching of phrasing.

The Curious Life of Nicolas Slonimsky

Who was this guy who influenced everyone from Coltrane to Zappa, and put Ives and Varèse on the map?

Circular Breathing Demystified

Circular breathing was historically a technique used by oboists. It's really not so difficult!